Sensory Trail 


Sensory Trail

The Sensory Trail at The EARTH Centre was started in 2013 as a way of stimulating our riders further than the riding already did and to encourage interaction with their surroundings.

It is an innovative way to interact with those riders who won’t be able to ride independently. The idea is to use as many recycled items as possible or to up-cycle things and create something new, that is more environmentally friendly.

The development of the sensory trail opened up areas of the property previously unused and created an outriding space, a different place to go riding that wasn't in the arena.
Our vision was to create a sensory trail that can be walked through, done sitting in a wheelchair or pram or ridden on horseback. A sensory trail is a series of experiential areas joined by pathways, designed to stimulate the 5 senses.

A sensory trail has........
somewhere to feel things,
somewhere to look for things,
somewhere to smell,

somewhere to hear things and make sounds, somewhere to experience differences and is also.......
somewhere to hide,
somewhere to imagine,
somewhere to be quiet,
somewhere to be active

Sensory Snake
Math for on horseback

A sensory trail is a valuable resource for a wide range of uses, from education to recreation. The trail is a great way to teach orientation skills, with people learning to recognise different sounds, textures and smells along the trail and gaining confidence in their own abilities to interpret the environment and find their own way. The idea is to encourage users to find, explore, touch, pick and crush plants, interact with objects, challenge their motor skills and make musical sounds. The trail can be started and ended at any point but does flow from one experiential area to another, should you want to experience the entire trail.
The sensory trail is a work in progress, and continually needs touching up, fixing and adjusting. However, our long term goals include:

• To open the sensory trail one Saturday every month for the community to experience. A donation would be asked for, to walk the trail. A fee would be charged if one wanted to ride the trail either using their own horse or an EARTH Centre pony (T&C’s apply)
• To open the trail during holidays to crèche’s, play schools, school holiday camps, church groups, retirement villages and social groups for at least one day a week (Donations will be required)
• To use it as part of a workshop or fun day e.g. to see how “bomb proof” your own horse is!
• Have a coffee & tuck shop serving basics to complement the experience, at reasonable prices, and run by differently abled people
• Have a team of volunteers to man and run the trail

Join us for our next Sensory Trail development day on the 10th of November 2018

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