Drumming with the Herd


Drumming with the Herd

Our bi-annual Drumming circle took place on 22 September at our Centre and we have to say: IT WAS SENSATIONAL! What a great vibe, stunning people and awesome beats!

 The evening began with our 160 guests meeting the Rocking EARTH Centre horses and relaxing in the ‘piazza’ area. Guests were treated to delicious food from the Chairman’s Choice Foodtruck while getting into the mood with the gentle background music and relaxed atmosphere.

At around 6pm a big bonfire was lit to open the drumming circle for the evening. Natalie Stobaus (Equine and Operations Manager) said a few words whilst on Peat, one of our trusted steeds:

“We hosted our first Drumming with the Herd event a year ago. At that time, we all felt pretty worn out and bringing in music, specifically the African drums, seemed like a great way to shake things up and give our team a fun break. We remember our surprise and sheer gratitude at seeing so many people support the first event. It really lifted our spirits and made us feel like we had likeminded people helping us to drive our vision forward. The March drumming circle turned out to be lively and warm – a celebration of the EARTH Centre’s achievements and dreams and beautifully held by the drummers.”

Beats to movement
Vibrant vibes
Everyone jamming

The evening kicked off with Michael and The Lions sharing an energizing performance, followed by Paul from Harmonics demonstrating to the participants how to get different sounds from the drums. Half an hour later and everyone was really into the swing of things. The joy and light hearted feeling from the crowd was contagious!

At the end the raffle ticket was drawn to decide who would win Paul’s prized Senegalese Drum…. The winner was Dave and Joanne who were celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary that evening! Dave went on to say how attending the evening must have been fate – little did we know that they had a drumming performance at their wedding! We feel blessed to have been part of this wonderful milestone.

It was great to connect with everyone and the horses through using some of the worlds oldest instruments! If you missed it, this event is held twice a year on the Autumn and Spring Equinox as has been tradition on our beautiful continent for thousands of years. Thank you to everyone for your support - we hope that you enjoyed making new friends with each other and our precious ponies. See you in March 2019!

Picture time
Co-ordination and drumming

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