Endings and Beginnings


Thomas and North Star

On 29 June we said goodbye to our wise, old statesmen, Ashgar Thomas. Thom had been with us almost from the beginning and evolved with our organisation from SARDA Highveld, to SARDA Gauteng, to the EARTH Centre. He was the voice and our guidance through all of these transitions.

Thomas was steady and reliable, and worked particularly well with our autistic riders. At the ripe age of 32 he has passed on and will be missed, but kept close to our hearts along with the good memories. Thank you for everything Thomas.

A more joyous occasion however was the re-naming of another old soul, Dilly.

Dilly came to us as part of the EduRide Programme. We had felt for a while that he was deserving of a name that better suited his dependable nature when working with his small disabled riders.

We have therefore called him “North Star” in recognition of his humble brightness.

"There are some people that are so much a part of us they'll be with us no matter what. They are our solid ground, our NORTH STAR and the small clear voice in our hearts that will always be with us".

North Star

Our Ashgar Thomas who will be missed

North Star, formerly known as Dilly

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