Sponsor a Therapist

Make a contribution towards the upkeep of one of our special equine therapists - sponsor the whole horse or choose between the back and the front end! Click here

Sponsor children to ride

Contribute towards the annual costs of a child or children to ride with us. The cost of one rider is R8500 per year!

Sponsor a Child

Start Date: March 3, 2016
End Date: December 30, 2016
ZAR 1 002.00Raised 11.79%Donated ZAR 8 500.00Goal

 Sponsor schools to ride

Sponsor an amount towards a school or a number of schools to ride. Each school costs R40 000 per annum. The schools currently riding with us are Gateway School, Adelaide Tambo, Lantern School, Casa do Sol, West Rand School, Johannesburg School for Autism, St Vincents School for the Deaf, Coronation Training, Pathways Roodepoort and Goudveld Senior School. In addition, the Randburg Clinic School currently takes part in our Youth Development Programme. 

Sponsor schools to ride

Start Date: March 3, 2016
End Date: December 30, 2016
ZAR 0.00Raised 0.00%Donated ZAR 40 000.00Goal

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