"The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom. " - Sharon Ralls Lemon


This is a paid programme that caters for able-body students with special educational needs. Qualified instructors provide classical style dressage and jumping lessons, from beginner to intermediate level. They work with the children from being on lead-rein to riding independently, always with the wellbeing of the horse in mind. 

The programme includes on the ground work in all levels which leads to improved riding skills and builds the horse-human relationship. 

It is because of this relationship, that we treat riding not only as a sport or hobby, but as a lifestyle choice that allows people to learn and experience through play and movement while spending time outdoors.

With cell phones, Televisions, and X-Box’s to contend with, people rarely experience nature in the way that we used to. This and other factors can cause unconscious tensions and emotional strain (Yes, even for kids!). Horse riding helps to ease the stresses of the mind and counteract societal pressures. People who ride tend to be happier, healthier and overall more balanced in their daily lives. In addition, the rider gets to learn about themselves, developing important life skills that are necessary to function at school, at home or in the workplace; including: quick thinking, clear communication, spatial and body awareness and nonverbal communication. 

In addition, improved balance, co-ordination, core strength, muscle tone and flexibility are all physical benefits that can be expected from horse riding. Horse riding requires the rider to perform multiple – and often quite precise - tasks at once whilst, adjusting and readjusting their posture and position in the saddle, and responding to the tempo of the horse, thereby working almost every muscle in the body.

But let’s not forget… this is also a FUN and social activity where people get to make horse and human friends that they look forward to seeing each week!



This is a paid programme in which instructors cater for students with a variety of developmental needs. The programme is six months long and offers remedial riding aimed at the development of foundational skills that may be lacking in children who have special needs and/or have difficulty with integration of the brain hemispheres.

Equitherapy was carefully formulated by a qualified teacher and occupational therapist. Upon commencement it is tailored according to what the child’s developmental needs are, focusing on improving the aspects that require the most attention.

An instructor assists the rider in doing specific activities on horseback that target various motor skills

These activities are designed to address target neuro-motor, sensory-motor, psycho-motor

After this 6 month programme, these riders are usually transferred into the Therapy Riding or EduRide programme, or may choose to repeat the Equitherapy programme


Watch a demonstration here:


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