Horses for Hope


Horses for Hope

Last year we made the decision to add a young, enthusiastic pony to the equine therapist team to assist us in growing our therapy riding programmes.

As you all know, on the 22nd of November 2018, Pepper, a lovely roan gelding arrived at our centre. Pepper is now a handsome 5-year old with a very open, gentle and curious nature. He has found his forever home at the EARTH Centre where he is training to be able to teach differently abled and disadvantaged children how to ride.

Pepper has started his equine therapist education with Natalie, our Operations Manager. He is proving to be extremely intelligent with a strong sense of self. We believe that he is well on his way to being a great therapy pony – or maybe horse, since he has grown a good couple of centimetres over the past year!!!
Over the year, Blueberry has emerged as Pepper’s “uncle”, friend and mentor and has been helping to show him the ropes in terms of herd life, and what it means to be part of a therapy team at EARTH. Not only has he been keeping Pepper under his tail, he has also been keeping an eye on Natalie. Without fail, Blueberry watches Pepper’s training sessions, and we get the distinct impression that this is to ensure it’s up to scratch!

Dicky, the oldest member of our herd passed away this year. Not only were we very saddened by this, but it also left a gap to be filled in our herd.

On the 10th of December 2019, we welcomed Diamond Diego to the EARTH Centre where he is beginning to settle into his new herd family. Diego was been adopted by EARTH Centre from The Society for Animals in Distress and will begin his training as a therapy pony in the new year.

We chose Diego for his warm and generous heart, as well as his passion and fiery spirit. He has good, clean conformation and plenty strength in his little body. He will be able to work with our smaller disabled riders as well as our younger able-bodied riders. He will also help to spread the load as some of our older horses ease into their retirement. We are excited about the energy and support he will bring to the herd alongside young Pepper.

Both Pepper and Diego are available for sponsorship.
The cost of Sponsoring one horse or pony is R36 000-00 per annum / R3000-00 per month
OR choose an amount that you would like to give!

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